$3,500 AHMA-NCH Member Resident Scholarships

How to enter your application for an education scholarship

Must be a resident of an AHMA member community

High School Senior or Hold either a High School Diploma or GED and

You are pursuing higher education at an accredited college, community college, university, or trade/professional school or institute.

The program requires that an applicant be a resident in good standing at an AHMA affiliated apartment community and be either a high school senior or a matriculated student at an accredited college or trade/technical school. High school seniors must have a minimum of a 2.5 grade point average and matriculated post-secondary students must be maintaining at least a 2.3 grade point average in order to apply. Applications for graduate level programs will not be accepted.

The process requires applicants to provide online an application form, an essay, two references and a Certification of Residency in Good Standing form. A current grade transcript is also necessary and is the only application component sent via U.S. Mail to the foundation. All necessary forms are provided within the web-based application and no hard copies are needed. Click button below to apply.

  1. Work on the application weekly
    The dashboard will provide you with a visual of the completeness of the application.
  2. Pick good references
    Selecting reliable references will help insure your application is complete.
    Suggested references:
    Teachers of subjects that you excel at
    Volunteer Supervisors
    Work supervisors
    Property Manager
    Church minister or priest
  3. If you do not have access to a computer, use a computer at your local Library or YMCA.
  4. Scholarship administrator who can help you with your questions every step of the way:
    Dr. Bruce W. Johnson
    Phone #: 215-262-4230

Scholarship Donations

Make a donation and you can help an affordable housing resident take steps to a better future through education. AHMA-NCH is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all scholarship donations are tax-deductible. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

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For information on past scholarship winners, please email .