Board of Directors

AHMA-NCH 2022 Board Slate

September 20, 2021

TO: AHMA-NCH Board of Directors
AHMA-NCH M1 Member Representatives

FR: James Vertovec, AHMA-NCH Executive Director

RE: Nominating Committee’s Slate of Nominees for 2022 Officer and Board Elections, October 2021

As outlined in AHMA-NCH’s Bylaws, each Fall we elect Officers and Board of Directors members to fill vacant slots opened through term expirations, resignations, etc.

In July, we sent an email memo asking for your help in identifying candidates for consideration for our slate of nominees for this year’s election.

Based on the nominations submitted, the Nominating Committee is proposing the following slate of nominees for AHMA-NCH’s Officers and Board of Directors.

The Bylaws do not require this notice of nominations be sent to voting members in advance of the vote, however due to extenuating circumstances, the board has elected to provide voting members 30 days to respond to the proposed slate.

This year, due to the pandemic, AHMA-NCH is holding its Annual Conference as a virtual event. As a result, the election will be held via Email by AHMA-NCH’s Voting members in the month of September.

You only need to reply if you contest the proposed slate and wish to vote “No” to this proposal. You do not need to reply if you agree with the slate. All replies must be received by October 20th, 2021.

If you have questions regarding the Officer and Board Elections, please feel free to contact AHMA-NCH Executive Director James Vertovec at

Thank you for your interest and support!

AHMA-NCH Nominating Committee Officer and Board Nominations Slate for Fall 2021 Election:

  1. AHMA-NCH Board Slate 2022
  2. Excerpt from AHMA-NCH Bylaws pertaining to Elections:

7.5 Nomination. The chair of the Board or, if none, the President, shall appoint a committee to nominate qualified candidates for election to the Board at least sixty (60) days before the date of any election of directors. The nominating committee shall make its report at least thirty (30) days before the date of the election, or at such other time as the Board may set, and the Secretary shall forward to each member, with the notice of meeting required by these bylaws, a list of all candidates nominated by committee.

7.6 Term of Office. Each director shall be elected for a term of three (3) years. All directors shall hold office until expiration of the term for which they were elected and until their successor has been elected and qualified. The directors shall serve staggered terms, with approximately one-third (1/3) of the directors to be elected at the annual meeting of the members each year. A director may serve a maximum of three consecutive terms but may serve again after taking a one (1)-year hiatus; provided, however, that the Board may extend a director’s term or terms beyond three years or waive a director’s term limits (by waiving the 7 14287879.1 hiatus requirement) if the Board determines in good faith and by the vote of all directors.

James Vertovec, CMP – Executive Director
31805 Temecula Pkwy #397
Temecula, CA 92592

Board of Directors

Michael Liebe
Mercy Housing Management Group
Sacramento, CA

Janet Acevedo

VP Marketing/Communications
Eden Housing
Hayward, CA

Kasey Archey

VP Education
Eden Housing
Hayward, CA

Claudia Butler

Director Marketing/Communications
Pleasanton, CA

Evelyn Catalan
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation
San Francisco, CA

Elyas Daud
Associate Director
Insight Screening Solutions
Benicia, CA

Tracy Esposito
Director National Legislative Affairs
The John Stewart Company
Sacramento, CA

Sherra Fleming
Director Training
Domus Management Company
Lodi, CA

Miata Lewis Harris
Director, Hawaii
Salvation Army Silvercrest
Wahiawa, HI

Mary Keshishian
VP of Membership
Michael’s Management
Elk Grove, CA

Dan Kimball
Associate Director
Kimball, Tirey & St. John LLP
Concord, CA

Anna Gwyn Simpson
Director Resident Services
Eden Housing
Hayward, CA

Stacey Smith
1st Vice President – Director, Conference
EAH Housing
San Rafael, CA

Kristin Taylor
Director Resident Services
EAH Housing
San Rafael, CA

Christian Wiedel
BRIDGE Housing
San Francisco, CA

Wilma Wilson

Director State Legislative Affairs
MidPen Housing
Foster City, CA

James Vertovec
Executive Director
Temecula, CA