Announcing the Approval of 586 Affordable Rental Units at North Housing

Announcing the Approval of 586 Affordable Rental Units at North Housing

North Housing is a 12-acre site owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda (AHA) on the West End of the island of Alameda, set in the heart of the Bay. The site was transferred from the Navy to the Housing Authority in May 2019. Coming full circle, the property was previously owned by AHA in the 1940’s and under this approval, will be used once again for much needed affordable housing.

The approval also includes the naming of a new North-South Street, Mabuhay Street, to unify the site. Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting with meanings of “long live” and welcome. New East-West streets have already been added to the site in collaboration with the City of Alameda and connect the site to other newly built homes and a larger retail center with excellent transportation options. Demolition of the existing vacant units is already underway.

“This is an important achievement for the Housing Authority of the City of Alameda and its partners. The site presents an unprecedented opportunity to create a new Alameda neighborhood and provide much needed affordable housing during these challenging times. “ Kenji Tamaoki, Board Chair.

With its partners, Alameda Point Collaborative and Building Futures, AHA intends to fully develop the site as mixed-income affordable housing with a minimum of 50% of apartments will be affordable to those at 80% AMI or below. Since the property was transferred as part of the Base Reuse program, it requires the development of up to 90 units of permanent supportive housing for the homeless under an MOU. This is expected to be the first phase of the development project.

“Tomorrow our work starts on designing and developing affordable, mixed-income, service-enriched homes for seniors, families and the unhoused.”
Vanessa Cooper, Executive Director

AHA would like to thank the City of Alameda City Council, Planning Board and staff, as well as our partners, Alameda Point Collaborative, and Building Futures for their work to date on this important project. Urban Design Associates was the architect for the Development Plan and Structure Development Advisors LLC served as the consultant. Staff have also worked closely with Habitat for Humanity, who are planning to build homeownership units on an adjoining two acre parcel.

AHA intends to self-develop this site and will be looking to work with lenders, investors and contractors from early 2021. To register your interest in working with AHA on this important neighborhood development, please contact Richard Yoshida at