Income/Asset/Rent Calculations

Income/Asset/Rent Calculations

January 23, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Southlake Tower
1501 Alice Street Oakland
California 94612

This class will focus on calculations of income, assets and asset income, allowances and rent.  It will help you to understand some of the calculations we have to make in our jobs.  Many times we put the information about income, assets and allowances into our software and like magic we get a printed 50059.  But it’s important to know where those amounts come from.  We will also review the 50059 to see how important those calculations are on the tenant certification form.

About the Presenter: Anita Moseman has been in the Affordable Housing Industry for 32+ years. She is Vice President of a management company that manages in 3 states and provides compliance and consulting services to other management companies. She uses real life examples from these experiences in her classes to make them clear and helpful. Anita is a national trainer, who has trained for various federal and state government agencies, trade associations, and private companies.

Thank you Christian Church Homes/Southlake Tower for hosting this informative class.

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