WEBINAR: Mean Girls: Bullying in Senior Housing Communities

WEBINAR: Mean Girls: Bullying in Senior Housing Communities

April 10, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The unwanted turned away from cafeteria or community room tables during events. Fistfights breaking out at karaoke. Dances creating a breeding grounds for gossip and cruelty. It’s becoming clear that independent and long term care communities have a bullying problem on its hands. What many find surprising is that the perpetrators and victims alike are senior citizens. About 1 in 5 seniors encounters bullying. It is believed that it is an outgrowth of frustrations characteristic in communal settings, as well a reflection of issues unique to getting older. Many elderly see their independence and sense of control disappear and, for some, becoming a bully can feel like regaining some of that lost power. It makes them feel very out of control, and the way they sort of get on top of things and make their name in this new world is intimidating, picking on people, gossiping. There is far less recognition of bullying as a problem among seniors compared with young people. Even among those who have been called bullies, many are unaware how problematic their behavior is until it’s labeled. This interactive and didactic webinar will focus attention on this often invisible problem in senior living communities.

At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the characteristics of bullying behaviors
  2. Learn the five different types of bullies
  3. Understand the psycho-social impacts of bullying behaviors
  4. Identify Organizational interventions that may help minimize bullying among older-adults
  5. Pinpoint skills to share with older-adults to avoid them from being bullying targets.

About the Speaker: Ruben Rivera-Jackman, MNPL, speaker, trainer and nonprofit leadership consultant, has an accomplished 25+ year career as a nonprofit leader with practical experience in, and solid understanding of, a diverse range of management, program development, and service delivery applications. Mr. Rivera-Jackman has a passion for working with, and advocating on behalf of, older adults, and has a natural ability for providing instruction and training for adult learners. After nearly 12 years of service as a Senior Resident Services Manager at the King County Housing Authority (KCHA), Mr. Rivera-Jackman has accepted the opportunity to serve as the Director of Resident Supports and Services for the Senior Housing Assistance Group (SHAG), one of the largest and leading affordable senior housing providers in Western Washington. Mr. Rivera-Jackman was the recipient of the 2011 American Association of Service Coordinators (AASC) President’s Award of Excellence. This award is given to a member who, in the opinion of the AASC President, is deserving of recognition for his/her work in the service coordination profession.

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