Invitation to HUD Asset Management’s Industry Day: Thursday, October 20th, 9am-12pm

Invitation to HUD Asset Management’s Industry Day: Thursday, October 20th, 9am-12pm

I’m happy to present the official invitation to HUD Multifamily, Asset Management, San Francisco’s Industry Day taking place next Thursday, October 20st from 9am-12pm PDT. Please join us virtually for some amazing presentations on the Challenges and Best Practices for Housing Formerly Homeless. Please see the attached meeting agenda. We will also be hosting a Q&A at the end of the event. To cover questions as smoothly as possible, please submit all questions in advance to Daryl Kyte, .

Please use Microsoft Edge (Chrome will not work well!) and click on the following link to access the TEAMS event:*3ameeting_OWM2ZDI4OTQtZmM1Ni00M2EyLThjYTAtOTFiNzQ5MDk3YmY1*40thread.v2/0?context=*7b*22Tid*22*3a*22615524c5-22e9-4bcd-a893-1180a53fc7b2*22*2c*22Oid*22*3a*22062c41cb-143c-4adf-b65d-583065448773*22*7d__;JSUlJSUlJSUlJSUlJSUl!!Ap-pUlJY228u!VeQQ8GgtCUXRJYwTTYrGBYGPPkWnHPUmDIHQY7yNoPLvoFs6SjTXwvWDYzbpDaPGTipmO0GNQLkRIx7z9bldnhk9Ka7-k2Qk-To$

If you have trouble with your connection, you may also call into the event through this phone number: +1 202-510-9533, Phone Conference ID: 216 800 094#

If you have issues logging in at the time of the event and have tried both options above, please reach out to Davin Lal, , for assistance.

Should you be unable to attend, the Industry Day event will be recorded and distributed via the Listserv within a couple weeks after the event. Looking forward to seeing you virtually soon!

Daryl R. Kyte
Program Analyst, Asset Management
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Multifamily West Region
One Sansome Street, Suite 1200
San Francisco, CA 94104-4430