NAHMA Grassroots Alert: Join the Real Estate Industry to Urge Congress to Act Now to Avert a Housing Crisis

NAHMA Grassroots Alert: Join the Real Estate Industry to Urge Congress to Act Now to Avert a Housing Crisis

The future of the rental housing industry hangs in the balance – Congress needs to hear from you. The administration’s recent action to enact a federal eviction moratorium without providing financial assistance to renters and property owners will only exacerbate the financial and housing crisis we currently face. Without rental assistance, the real estate industry is being mandated to shoulder an unrecoverable financial burden that could lead to the greatest rental housing crisis of our lifetime.

We need Congress to come back to the negotiating table and ensure that renters and property owners are protected from financial collapse as the pandemic drags on.

We urge you to email with your lawmakers – there is strength in numbers, and we need Congress to understand the gravity of the situation for our residents and our businesses.  You can help us and add your voice by completing these steps:

  1. Enter your address to contact your U.S. Senator(s) and Representative (s), utilizing this free tool:!/
  2. Please complete the respective categories with your email and contact information.
  3. Subject: Congress Must Act Now to Avert a Housing Crisis
  4. Select the Topics:  “Housing” or “Housing and Community Development
  5. Copy the below highlighted text, into the body of the email or feel free to customize/personalize to fit your liking.  (Please note that links will not appear in body of email. It’s ok!)

Good afternoon,
As outlined in a print ad that ran in POLITICO on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020, America’s housing providers strongly urge Congress to avert a housing crisis by providing rental assistance to ensure the stability of the housing market and the financial health of our communities.

Without meaningful rental assistance legislation, the Centers for Disease Control’s nationwide federal eviction moratorium is a recipe for disaster for renters and housing providers alike.

  • Renters will accrue back payments they will never be able to repay.
  • Housing providers will be unable to meet basic financial obligations, jeopardizing their ability to provide Americans with the housing they need.

Congress must prevent this housing crisis. Our industry letter outlines ways Congress can take meaningful action now to pull the country back from an emerging housing crisis.
This letter is available here: