NAHMA Invites Members to Participate in Pearl Meyer Compensation Survey

NAHMA Invites Members to Participate in Pearl Meyer Compensation Survey

The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) invites you to participate in the NAHMA-sponsored Pearl Meyer Annual 2023 Affordable Housing Compensation Survey Report. The 2022 Affordable Housing report had 76 organizations participate last year.

Participating companies are provided with valuable data to benchmark compensation for employees working in various facets of affordable housing firms, from corporate teams to on-site staff. Enhancements to the 2023 survey have been made to provide more detailed and meaningful data, focusing on providing greater specificity concerning short- and long-term compensation data.

The survey has been released, and questionnaires are due to Pearl Meyer on or before July 14. Please consider participating if you can.

Survey-specific questions can be sent directly to Pearl Meyer managing director, Jon Boba, or survey head Veronika Valcheva, .

Thank you in advance for considering taking part in the survey.



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