NAHMA Sponsoring Pearl Meyer’s Real Estate Compensation Survey for a Second Year

NAHMA Sponsoring Pearl Meyer’s Real Estate Compensation Survey for a Second Year

We are pleased to announce that the National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) is sponsoring Pearl Meyer’s Real Estate Compensation Survey for a second year. Members of the Pearl Meyer team have been reaching out to NAHMA members regarding the survey process. Survey submissions are due in July. The compensation report will be published in October.

NAHMA encourages our members’ participation in the Real Estate Compensation Survey for 2022. Participating companies are provided with valuable data to benchmark compensation for employees working in the affordable housing industry as well as various facets of real estate. The 2021 survey had strong participation with 71 participants from affordable housing organizations.

If your company is interested in participating in the 2022 survey, please contact Veronika Valcheva, Pearl Meyer associate account manager, by calling 508-460-9600 or emailing . Additionally, you can click on the link,, and select the “Request Input Materials” button that will send an automatic client inquiry to Pearl Meyer.

Please find the survey prospectus here, which provides important details about what the survey offers, including the number of roles, key data reported, sample page report, etc.

While the final cost-to-purchase the completed survey has yet to be set, the target cost of the compensation benefits report is $495 for companies that participate in providing data. This price point is thousands of dollars less than the cost of most compensation benefits reports. For our members who choose not to participate in the survey, the cost of the final published report would be $4,000.

However, a Summary Report will be made available for free to all NAHMA-AHMA members, providing the overall average base salary and total compensation for each role presented in the survey.

Members of the NAHMA board have reviewed and provided feedback on the job positions to be surveyed for the report to ensure that it provides data relevant to the affordable housing management industry.

Thank you in advance for considering taking part in the survey.


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