Participate in Housing Management Fee Survey

Participate in Housing Management Fee Survey

USDA Rural Development (RD) is conducting a management fee survey, and we need your help!

RD’s Multi-Family Housing (MFH) program is required to develop management fees based on a review of housing industry data (per, 7 CFR 3560.102 (i)(2)(i)).  Annually, RD determines the maximum fee that can be paid to management companies from Section 515 and Section 514 project income, based on a bundle of services that are required to be performed by the management company.  MFH publishes its approved rates each year for each State.

This management fee survey is designed to compare the existing base management fee for Rural Development properties using the MFH “Bundle of Services” to those of other affordable multifamily housing properties within the region/State.  Completion of this survey, and subsequent review by RD MFH, will not automatically result in an increase in the base management fee.

Please use this link to take the survey:

The MFH Management Fee Survey will close on May 15, 2022